You will need to review your poker strategy when playing Omaha

It’s always a good idea to master different types of poker variants, from Texas Hold’em Poker to Omaha. Once you know the five basic variants, you can even try your hand at HORSE, a version of poker where the rules change slightly in each round! When switching to a new poker variant, it is crucial to understand that you need to slightly shift your strategy in order to succeed. Here, you will find some handy Omaha poker tips for when you are playing poker according to Omaha Hold’em rules.

Three top tips for success at Omaha poker

Here are three essential rules that beginners and experts alike should always follow as part of their overall Omaha Hold’em strategy.

1. Keep an eye on the odds and play accordingly

With Omaha Hold’em poker, players choose when they put their money into the pot. And, they choose how much money they put in. In theory this means that a player can always win at poker if they play correctly and watch the odds, only putting money in to the pot when the odds are favourable. Why don’t they? Usually because they become overwhelmed by emotions, by the thrilling temptation to play in a risky fashion, or by a strong sense that if they bet a certain lucky amount or follow some other superstition, they will succeed. Follow the mathematical odds, not your intuition is a key maxim of Omaha poker strategy.

2. Don’t be too excited by aces

All too often, when a beginner to Omaha Hold’em is dealt an ace, they get very excited, thinking about all of the high powered suits they can potentially make with that ace. In reality, it is statistically extremely unlikely that a single ace will amount to much, and holding on to that ace in the hope that it will win you the game could actually cost you a top spot in a tournament and shunt you into the bubble. Banish that magpie like love of aces and remember that an ace is only really worthwhile in Omaha Hold’em poker if it comes with several other promising cards, such as a Jack and/or a Queen of the same suit.

3. Aim to be able to play aggressively in the flop

The flop stage in Omaha poker is when the game should really get going. Poker experts thus tend to recommend that players start to really hit the game hard in the flop. That means that you should start planning your flop strategy in the pre flop stage. Many beginners will build up their hands more slowly in Omaha Hold’em poker, using the flop as an opportunity to continue to perfect their arrangement of cards. However, for success it can be best to build a good hand prior to the flop so that you can start to push other players – who have been less quick off the mark – to fold or go bust.

One final tip: the nuts

The nuts, along with the flop, is generally seen to be a very significant aspect of any game of Omaha Hold’em poker. Omaha Hold’em poker is often described to be ‘a game of the nuts’ which means that you will win or lose depending on whether or not you have the nut hand. The nut hand is the name for the best high or low hand in Omaha Hold’em poker (which is why this game is sometimes also referred to as ‘Omaha Hi-Lo’). Sometimes, you will hear the second and third best hands being referred to as the ‘second nut’ and ‘third nut’ respectively. The nuts are so important in Omaha Hold’em that it is generally accepted that every player ought to try their hardest to get the nut hand. This is not a game of bluffing or of ‘winging it’ with a half-good hand. That is why it is so crucial to build up the best possible hand that you can prior to the flop.

Play live dealer Omaha Poker today!

The best way to experience Omaha Hold’em poker in an online casino is by tuning in to a live dealer game. Few online experiences are more exciting, and you can enter a pay to enter tournament, a friendly game, or a single game where gamblers play for substantial sums of money.