Picking up Your Poke Bonuses Via Mobile Casinos Couldn’t be Easier

We are all aware of the appeal associated with physical casinos. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find the time to visit these establishments. The rise of online platforms somewhat solved this problem, as players were able to access their favourite games from the home or the office. Still, it was impossible to play exciting games such as poker and roulette while out and about. This concern has been all but eliminated thanks to the presence of casino mobile apps. Let’s take a look at how a mobile casino functions before examining other aspects associated with this revolutionary technology.

Mobile Gaming Apps Explained

Online casino developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt have always tried to remain one step ahead of the ever-evolving gaming curve. This first began as far back as the late 1990s with the inclusion of flash technology. However, mobile phones soon began to enter into the marketplace. Adaptation was obviously required.

From a very basic perspective, mobile gambling apps employ a slightly different type of coding so that the games themselves can be displayed on smartphone screens while mirroring the very same appearance associated with a traditional website. It should still be mentioned that the strength of a wireless connection is important in order to avoid buffering issues. This is why 4G speeds tend to be preferable when accessing a mobile-friendly casino.

The Differences Between Traditional Online Platforms and Mobile Casinos

This is a very common question, so it should be addressed from the very beginning. Most quality casinos will provide a seamless experience that is equivalent to a static website. This includes areas such as:

  • Payment gateways
  • Login icons
  • Account access
  • Navigation
  • The games themselves
  • Casino bonuses

It should still be noted that the end-user experience will partially depend upon the type of smartphone in question. For example, it is obvious that a Samsung Galaxy manufactured in 2006 will be much less responsive when compared to an iPhone X. All things being equal, there are very few differences between mobile casinos and their online counterparts.

Payments and Security

Security is always a concern; particularly when dealing with a wireless smartphone connection. Most reputable and well-known providers will employ encryption technology such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or the more modern TSL (Transport Layer Security). These types of ciphers will virtually eliminate the possibility that a third party could access personal information such as payments or credit card details. However, it is important to note that public wireless connections (such as those within a coffee shop) are associated with lower levels of security. This is why may users choose to employ a VPN (virtual private network) when accessing their favourite casinos.

Compatibility Issues?

In the past, there were concerns in regards to the compatibility of a certain provider (such as Microgaming) with a specific mobile phone operating system. Most of these issues have been resolved. Still, there are often instances when an online casino will offer separate applications designed for iOS systems and Microsoft hardware. This is normally made very clear and users are frequently directed towards reputable download portals such as iTunes or Google Play. Regardless of the specific operating system, the games themselves will appear the same.

The End-User Experience

There is no doubt that casino mobile apps are highly advanced and extremely reliable. However, will this translate to the experience of the end user? This is a rather difficult question to answer, as physical limitations such as resolution and the size of the display screen will have an obvious impact. Of course, such factors are not directly related to the casino in question. It is still important to take these variables into account if you hope to enjoy the most rewarding gaming experience.

A Universal Appeal

It is estimated that the global revenue associated with the mobile gaming industry in 2017 was an astounding $40.6 billion dollars (1). This is due in no small part to the proliferation of smartphone gambling apps and their associated advantages. Whether you are looking for an on-the-go means to access lucrative casino bonuses or you are simply searching for ways to pass the time during the commute home from work, these portals are excellent options to explore. The bespoke technology is likewise predicted to advance exponentially in the coming years. So, there is no doubt that the world of remote gaming is indeed here to stay.